SHE Transmission welcomed Skipness and Carradale Primary Schools to its Crossaig substation to enable the pupils to learn about safety, the substation itself and the wider Kintyre-Hunterston project.

Arriving in their high-vis vests, (supplied during a previous visit to the substation) the keen pupils learnt about why the substation is being built and the importance of safety.

Phil Moreton, Site Construction Manager, SHE Transmission, said: "The substation has been in construction since October 2013 and is part of a larger project which also includes a new subsea connection from Kintyre to Hunterston and the replacement of the existing 132kV transmission line between Crossaig and Carradale.

"This project will provide connections for increased renewable generation and will improve the security of the supply in the South West of Scotland."

The pupils were then taken on to the substation site to view the progress made so far including the foundation and drainage works and were even allowed to sit in one of the JCB's to have their photos taken.

The morning concluded with the children designing and drawing their own safety posters which will be laminated and put up in the office and website as part of a wider safety campaign.

Harry Ross, the Crossaig substation Health and Safety Advisor, organised and facilitated the day. He said: "The pupils have been out to the site several times now so are very familiar with the project and what we are doing on site. Safety is our top priority and we want to make sure the local pupils are kept safe whilst also learning about the overall project and, of course, having some fun too!"

Elliot, a P6 from Carradale Primary School particularly enjoyed the visit and the goody bag that he left with. He said: "When we went to Crossaig we went in the digger and it was brilliant. We felt grateful and happy for getting gifts and we were treated like bosses!"

The Kintyre Hunterston project is on target to deliver first energy in Winter 2015. For more information, please visit the dedicated website

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