Our RIIO-T2 Business Plan follows over two years of extensive stakeholder engagement, consultation and research which has taken us the length and breadth of our vast network region. From project specific public consultation events to bilateral engagements, workshops and events, we have deployed a range of communications and engagement methods to ensure our stakeholders have had the opportunity to shape our RIIO-T2 Business Plan.



Engaging, every step of the way 

Our initial work began back in 2016/17 which was largely gathering insights, direct and indirect, into stakeholders’ priorities and the policy framework driving changes in the GB energy sector.

Building on this research, in 2017/18 we consulted with our stakeholders as part of the development of our strategic objective and associated strategic themes, as well as testing with our stakeholders their priorities for the RIIO-T2 period.

Throughout 2018 and 2019 we conducted significant stakeholder engagement with a particular focus on bilateral engagements and stakeholder consultation events/workshops to develop the specific policies that have shaped our RIIO-T2 Business Plan.

Then in early 2019 we brought together all of this insight, research and consultation when we consulted on our Emerging Thinking consultation.

In summer 2019, we published our draft Business Plan for consultation, embarking on our most ambitious campaign ever to test the acceptability of our plan, and crucially seek challenge and feedback, with our stakeholders.

Finally, we have refined and revised our final Business Plan in light of the feedback received through this consultation, as well as considering changes in the external policy environment such as the adoption of net zero emissions targets.

As well as consulting on the specific investments, activities and commitments in our RIIO-T2 Business Plan, we also carried out consultation and research looking at consumers’ willingness to pay; the need for us to consider whole system solutions; as well as how we build on innovation in RIIO-T2.


Engagement timeline

Provided below are links to our stakeholder engagement events, workshops and webinars; associated reports; as well as our consultations.  You will also find our main RIIO-T2 Stakeholder Engagement report which documents all the stakeholder engagement that has shaped our RIIO-T2 Business Plan, setting out how our stakeholder have influenced our plan:


  • North of Scotland Energy Trends Consultation - August 2017: View here
  • North of Scotland Onshore Wind Repowering Consultation - November 2017: View here
  • North of Scotland Energy Efficiency and Heat Consultation - December 2017: View here
  • North of Scotland Electric Vehicles Consultation - December 2017: View here


  • North of Scotland Generation and Storage Consultation- February 2018: View here
  • Sustainability Strategy Consultation - February 2018: View here
  • Stakeholder Workshop Presentation - March 2018: View here
  • Stakeholder Workshop Report - March 2018: View here 
  • North of Scotland Future Energy Scenarios Report - August 2018: View here
  • Transmission Asset Development Process Report - September 2018: View here 
  • Stakeholder Workshop Presentation -  November 2018: View here 
  • Connection Process Consultation - November 2018: View here
  • North of Scotland Energy Trends Consultation - November 2018: View here
  • Stakeholder Workshop Report - November 2018: View here 


  • Engaging on our strategic objective Report - January 2019: View here 
  • North of Scotland Industrial and Commercial Demand Consultation - January 2019: View here
  • Sustainability Action Plan Consultation - February 2019: View here
  • Connections Innovation and Whole System Planning Stakeholder Workshop - February 2019 – View presentation here  
  • Connections Innovation and Whole Systems Stakeholder Workshop Report - February 2019: View here
  • Emerging thinking Consultation - February 2019: View here
  • Future operation of our network Consultation- March 2019: View here 
  • Reform in RIIO Consultation - March 2019: View here
  • Operations Stakeholder Engagement Event - March 2019: View presentation here 
  • Operations Stakeholder Engagement Event - March 2019 View here
  • Environment Round Table Report - March 2019: View here  
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPI's) consultation – April 2019: View here
  • Connections, Innovation and Whole Systems Workshop Report - May 2019: View here 
  • Stakeholder engagement strategy (Inverness & Glasgow) Event - May/June 2019: View here
  • Stakeholder Engagement Strategy Consultation - June 2019: View here  
  • Stakeholder Engagement Strategy Webinar - June 2019: View here
  • Biodiversity Net Gain Consultation July 2019: View here
  • Business Plan Consultation - July 2019: View here 
  • Business Plan Consultation Report - July 2019: View here 
  • Willingness to Pay Report - July 2019: View here
  • Sustainability, Whole Systems & Competition Workshop - September 2019: View here
  • Report on Stakeholder Engagement - December 2019: View here