The following form presents an opportunity for you to directly influence the strategy – providing input into specific areas of interest – therefore, please answer as many questions as you like. The responses will be used to develop our stakeholder engagement strategy and will help us set specific targets for each objective. Please note that individual responses will not be published but the findings will be included in the final strategy.

Our Draft Strategy

How we have created this strategy

Objective 1

Build intelligence on the needs, priorities and experiences of our stakeholders to better anticipate and meet their expectations

Objective 2

Ensure communications are inclusive for all our stakeholders and provide easy access to ourselves and appropriate information

Objective 3

Work with stakeholders in our project planning and delivery, and strive to achieve mutually acceptable and agreed outcomes

Objective 4

Develop consistent and transparent processes to capture and act on stakeholder input, feeding back on how the input has been applied

Objective 5

Develop a culture of engagement by implementing a training programme for SHE Transmission employees and ensuring accountability through clear roles and responsibilities

Objective 6

Develop future optionality with input from a diverse group of stakeholders

Objective 7

Actively participate in industry change as a committed advocate for stakeholders, society and the environment

Our Principles of Engagement

How we engage with you

Closing date for survey is 28 Jun 2019.