Reliability and availability

We work hard to ensure that power is transmitted and supplied across our operational area with a reliability rate of 99.999% during 2016/17.

A key element of the plan will thoroughly examine, assess and determine what works will be required to ensure that we can provide a safe and secure electricity supply. As we develop the plan through consultations and negotiations, we will highlight the essential works and activities required to ensure our network remains robust and efficient.

We will engage and aim to strike a balance between costs of our proposed investments compared to the value brought to the GB electricity consumer and network user.

Infrastructure management

We own, maintain and operate the electricity network in the north of Scotland including overhead lines, underground cables, subsea cables and electrical substations. A major element of our business activity is the assessment, maintenance and operation of our existing assets.

We have a rolling program of inspection and maintenance activity which ensures we understand the physical state of our network. This assessment process helps inform us of what needs to be replaced or upgraded, and critically, when the works should take place.

While the fundamental methods of transmitting power have remained largely unchanged for the past 60 years, we are now using and investigating in new technologies that will enable a smart, sustainable future energy system.

An example of our innovative asset selection and management includes use of the Monte Carlo ACCC high temperature conductor which has allowed the refurbishment of existing steel towers as opposed to the construction of completely new infrastructure:


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