Our Customer Experience Team helps customers looking to connect new generation schemes to our transmission network and those who wish to make modifications to an existing connection agreement held with National Grid Electricity System Operator (NGESO).  

Typically, all connections in Scotland have an impact on the Transmission System and can connect either via the local Distribution Network Operator (DNO) as an embedded connection or directly on to the Transmission Network.   

The customer agreement to access the Transmission network is contracted via NGESO either directly or the DNO. Our team will process the application and turn this into a Transmission Owner Connection Offer (TOCO) which is used to inform the customer connection agreements.

Regardless of the size of connection, we encourage and welcome customers to have a pre-application discussion with the team. We are available to discuss the connection process at the beginning of the journey, through to project development and delivery and energisation   

Transmission connection enquiries: transmission.commercial@sse.com

To make a connection application:https://www.nationalgrideso.com/industry-information/connections/connecting-electricity-grid-process

If you are looking for a Distribution connection, please contact SSEN Distribution athttps://www.ssen.co.uk/GenerationConnectionsHome/