The responsibilities and obligations for the safe installation, operation and maintenance of our transmission network are split across two parties – the Transmission Owner (TO) and the System Operator (SO).

Our licenced company, Scottish Hydro Electric Transmission plc is the TO of the electricity network which operates at voltages of 132kV and above in the north of Scotland. We own the existing system and are responsible for the planning, design, construction and maintenance of a network which currently comprises 104 Grid Substations, 2,690km of circuits and 11,012 pylons and structures.

National Grid Electricity Transmission (NGET), also known simply as National Grid, is the SO of the transmission network across the whole of Great Britain and ensures that minute by minute electricity demand is matched by an equal volume of electricity generated by power stations.

In addition to its obligations to operate the network, NGET is also responsible for the coordination, issue and management of contracts for the connection of new, large power stations using all technologies – wind, hydro, marine, gas, nuclear or coal.