We believe that all accidents are preventable, so we do everything safely and responsibly or not at all. Safety is the number one value of the company and we expect the same focus from all our business partners and contractors.

Our approach to acting safely and in a responsible manner applies to all staff in all locations, whether on site or in the office.


Our Golden Rules

Our Safety Golden Rules apply to every person in the company and provide the basis for the injury-free working that all our employees must strive to achieve.

Accept Challenges

Respond positively if someone points out a safety risk or lapse.

Assess Risks

Work to the agreed risk assessment or method statement, don’t take short cuts and continually consider how changing conditions affect your works.

Hold Handrails

Use the handrails when using steps.

Reverse Park

It is safer to drive out of a parking space than to reverse out.  When you reverse in, you can always check your approach is clear first.

Wear PPE

Use the personnel protection equipment required for your task.

Safety, health and environment charter

Together we will be dedicated, engaged and committed to the safe and sustainable delivery of our projects.

Every supervisor and every manager will fulfil their responsibilities for their safety, the safety of others and that of the environment by:

  • Working to high standards
  • Stopping any job we believe is unsafe
  • Taking the time to risk assess and include our team
  • Looking out for everyone and reporting incidents

We will continue to take all reasonable steps to ensure that members of the public, contractors and staff are not harmed as a consequence of our activities. We will seek to learn from best practice around the world and challenge each other to improve our performance.

Our signature practices

Everyone on our sites is a champion of safety and has a clear commitment to safety, pulling together to keep people and the environment safe

  • Signing up to the SHE charter
  • Reinforced by behavioural safety programmes, praise and recognition
  • Focus on learning from incidents

Our sites are set up to a notably distinctive high standard, reinforced from the moment people arrive on site

  • Everyone reinforcing the clear and simple site rules
  • Works Safety Champions and a consistent induction process

Our own and contractor leaders maintain a real and felt commitment to safety

  • Visible ongoing safety focus
  • Regular joint safety inspections
  • Formal site reviews as projects enter each new phase

We have the right team for every job, when people get involved they feel that it is different

  • Managers and Supervisors living and breathing the standards and behaviour expected
  • Everyone on our sites having the skills, knowledge, experience and time to do their job safely

Our safety policy is underpinned by:

  • Ensuring a systematic approach to the identification and assessment of risk for all aspects of the business;
  • Identifying clear objectives and targets to promote occupational health and safety and continually improve our performance;
  • Allocation of suitable and sufficient resources to control risk;
  • Ensuring employees are trained, informed, consulted and have the requisite knowledge and skills to enable them to take personal responsibility to create and maintain a safe and productive working environment;
  • Performing periodic reviews to ensure the management system remains appropriate to the needs of the organisation and supports the continuous improvement of our systems and procedures;
  • Communicating this policy to all personnel working for or on behalf of the organisation.