Around five workers every year are killed when the machinery they are operating comes close to, or into contact with, overhead electricity lines. Before you start any work near our overhead lines, please obtain a copy of our network plans which our mapping services team will send to you without charge. You should also get hold of the Health & Safety Executive Guidance 'Avoidance of danger from overhead electric power lines' and follow the advice given. The HSE website has other material you may want to check out.

  • Check how close you will be working to the overhead line.
  • Find out the maximum height and vertical reach of your machines.
  • Make sure you know the maximum permitted working heights under each span of an overhead line and adjacent to each structure.

All overhead lines and other electrical apparatus can be extremely dangerous. If you need to work near them, get competent advice. We will be happy to help. Read our safety leaflets for more advice.

Our electricity poles and pylons are usually fitted with a yellow warning sign saying 'Danger of Death'. There should also be warning signs placed near to where any electricity lines are located. Never dismiss the lines as just a telephone wire as it is very difficult to tell telephone and electrical wires apart.

We can supply stickers to help remind anyone working near overhead lines to take care and check where the lines are before starting work. To order, please email