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Flying into pole position

140 new composite poles which will connect the Dorenell Wind Farm to SSEN's Blackhillock Substation, near Keith, have now been successfully installed with the help of a specialist helicopter from the USA.
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Blog: SSEN launch consultation to help unlock Orkney’s vast renewable potential

Commercial Policy Manager, Lauren Milligan, talks through SSEN's Alternative Approach to unlocking Orkney's renewable potential
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Blog: Forecasting how the winds may blow

What does the future hold for onshore wind repowering in the north of Scotland? Blog by Imran Mohammed, Senior Business Insight Analyst at SSEN
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Beauly-Denny wins Saltire Civil Engineering Award

The Beauly-Denny transmission project has been awarded the ‘Greatest Contribution to Scotland’ award at the prestigious Saltire Civil Engineering Awards.
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Transforming Rannoch – then and now

SSEN has unearthed photographs of the first transformer deliveries to Rannoch Substation almost 90 years on as an extension to the site is constructed.
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