Scottish Hydro Electric Transmission (SHE Transmission) has been helping to put a spring in the step of a local fun run on Carradale.

The first Great Carradale Canter – which will now be an annual event – started and finished at the harbour, comprising a 10K or 5K route along the bay and forest roads of the picturesque area on the west coast of Scotland, and SHE Transmission was delighted to provide its support to the inaugural run.

One of the organisers of the event was the aptly named Malcolm Trott from Carradale Harbour Enterprises Ltd. He said: “We’ve been hoping to hold an event like this for some time, so to see the runners take to the route was wonderful and we can’t wait until next year. We’d like to thank SHE Transmission for supporting the event and really helping us get the Great Carradale Canter off the ground. The team are well known in the local area so we were thrilled when they said they could assist us and even take part in the run itself.”

In addition to supplying start and finish banners and fencing barriers, colleagues from SHE Transmission joined the 130 strong group of runners; one participant was Director of Transmission, Dave Gardner.

“SHE Transmission is heavily involved in the Carradale and Kintyre areas and their communities due to the Kintyre-Hunterston project and this was a great opportunity to enjoy this beautiful part of the country. Working here on the Kintyre-Hunterston project doesn’t give us much time to appreciate the scenery, so when the chance to take part in the Great Carradale Canter was waved in front of me, I jumped at it.

“The route was laid out perfectly to accommodate all of the different aspects of the countryside - from village to beach to forestry - and I’m delighted that this is going to be an annual event.”

The Kintyre-Hunterston Connection is a project to reinforce the 132kV transmission network on Kintyre by providing a new 132kV connection between Carradale Substation and the new Crossaig substation. The 132kV overhead line upgrade between Carradale and Crossaig has been completed with only land reinstatement works continuing and all public road improvements have been carried out with minor road maintenance still ongoing.

The first of the 220kV subsea cables has been laid and is currently being buried for protection purposes. The second cable is scheduled to be laid this month, with cable protection and rock placement taking place in the next couple of months.

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