The pupils of Halkirk Primary School were delighted when SSEN and ABB responded to their invite to visit them last week to talk about how electricity works and the importance of safety.

The visit to the school was arranged following an invitation from Head Teacher Edith Coghill to Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks who are laying a new cable between the new Spittal substation at Achanarras to Noss Head, as part of the £1.1billion Caithness-Moray project.

Ninety pupils between P3 and P7 learnt about the lifecycle of electricity by witnessing an experiment which demonstrated how to generate electricity, handling real cable samples and trying on PPE. The importance of safety around network assets and construction sites was a key theme throughout the day.

SSEN Project Manager, Craig Taylor, said: “We were delighted to be invited to Halkirk Primary School again. As a responsible developer, we understand how important it is to spend time with local schools to provide the pupils with an opportunity to learn about how electricity is safely generated and delivered to their homes.”

Halkirk Head Teacher Edith Coghill, commented: “Having SSEN and ABB attend the school was a great opportunity for the pupils to learn about the scale of the work being carried out in our local area.”

Approximately 29km of HVDC cable is being laid between Spittal Substation and Noss Head to deliver the electricity from the substation to the subsea cable currently being laid to deliver up to 1,200MW of capacity from Caithness to Portgordon in Moray.

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