Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks (SSEN) Transmission has appointed Tracey Barlow as the independent Chair of its new RIIO-T2 User Group.

As SSEN prepares for the next electricity transmission price control period (RIIO-T2), from 2021 onwards, the newly created User Group will play a key role in scrutinising and providing independent expert challenge to the development and delivery of SSEN Transmission’s business plan.

The group has been established as part of an agreement between the energy regulator Ofgem and electricity transmission networks to conduct enhanced stakeholder engagement in preparation for the next price control period.

In her role, Tracey will lead fellow members of the User Group, which will be made up of individuals who are representative of network users and stakeholders such as generators, DNOs, customers and large energy users, and with specialist interest in the development of the transmission network in the north of Scotland.

As an independent consultant specialising in business transformation in the energy, transport and utility sectors for blue chip organisations, Tracey is currently Chairperson of AGT Ltd and Deputy Chairman of the UK Rail Regulator.

Welcoming the appointment, Colin Nicol, Managing Director of Networks at SSEN stated:

“We are pleased to confirm the appointment of Tracey Barlow as Chair of our RIIO-T2 User Group. As a candidate with strong leadership experience within the energy, transport and utility markets, especially in the field of regulation, we believe Tracey will bring a wealth of independent expertise and insight to the role.

“The User Group feedback will be extremely important for SSEN Transmission’s future plans and will shape how we operate, engage and invest in our network and our customers from 2021 onwards. We look forward to working with and listening closely to Tracey and the User Group’s views as our RIIO-T2 business plan progresses.”

Tracey Barlow, SSEN RIIO-T2 User Group Chair, said:

“I am delighted to take up this role. Reflecting the priorities of the users and stakeholders of SHE Transmission in the Business Plan for the next regulatory period, to ensure the right outcomes will be achieved and investment is targeted on enhancing the sustainability of the network.

"I am impressed with the commitment the SHE Transmission Business is showing towards engaging with the User Group. I want to draw upon the stakeholder community over the next month to establish a representative group who will ensure the upcoming business plan reflects the needs of current and future users”

A recruitment campaign for members of the User Group will launch shortly.

For further information of the User Group recruitment process or any other questions on our RIIO-T2 work stream please contact: or visit the dedicated RIIO-T2 web page here:


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