As a responsible developer, Scottish and Southern Energy Networks is always looking for new and innovative ways to provide communities and stakeholders with information on proposed upgrades to the transmission network. 

To give a better understanding of SSEN’s proposed upgrade to the line between Inveraray and Crossaig, it has developed a web-based interactive summary of the project’s Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Report. This interactive summary, which can be viewed here includes interactive maps, visualisations and other information and is designed to be viewed on a wide range of devices and formats, for example Android and Mac, tablets, laptops and phones.

SSEN is keen to make sure that the information it presents is clear, accessible and easy to digest, and following the launch of this interactive summary, it is looking for feedback from stakeholders, members of the local community and other interested parties.

 In particular, SSEN would like to know:

  • Has the web-based interactive summary of the EIA Report been useful in helping you understand the proposed Inveraray to Crossaig 275 kV reinforcement project?
  • Following review of the web-based interactive EIA report, to what extent do you feel you have an improved understanding of the key environmental issues?
  • Are there any tools or information that you felt were missing, or you would like to see added?
  • Any further comments you would like to make about this tool.

You can send your feedback either via our facebook page or by email to the project’s Community Liaison Manager, Kelly Scott,

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