As part of preparations for the next price control period, RIIO-T2, Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks’ (SSEN) Transmission business has today launched a public consultation seeking stakeholder views and suggestions on the way it engages with communities during the development of its projects.

The Transmission Asset Development Process consultation document will be used to influence and improve our processes as we develop assets from conception to energisation during the next price control in the 2020s, and invites suggestions from key stakeholders as to how we can encourage greater community involvement in the decision making process.

As well as seeking feedback on the way we do things, the document also outlines our internal process for progressing required reinforcements to our Transmission network in the north of mainland Scotland and the Scottish islands; including a step by step guide of our regulatory and planning consent obligations.

Peter McKessick, Transmission Project Development Manager, said:

“The Transmission Asset Development Process consultation is a key piece of work for SSEN Transmission as we prepare for our future network in the 2020s and beyond. Meaningful stakeholder engagement and positive community relations is vital as we invest in a robust and sustainable network of the future, and we welcome all feedback and suggestions as to where we could improve our internal processes for the benefit of our host communities.”

“All feedback received through the consultation will be used to inform our RIIO-T2 business plan which will guide SSEN Transmission’s investment, objectives and priorities from 2021 onwards.”

To download the Transmission Asset Development Process Consultation please click here. The deadline for feedback is 31st October 2018.

For further information on SSEN Transmission’s RIIO-T2 work stream please visit:

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