Following the recent approval of reinforcements to the Fort Augustus substation by The Highland Council, SSEN Transmission is inviting local residents and businesses along to an information session next week to learn more about the forthcoming works.

Prior to commencing work at the substation in April this year, SSEN Transmission needs to upgrade the road between the A82 (Three Bridges) and the Old Farmhouse. In addition, the company intends to extend this upgrade work to also include the section of road between the Old Farmhouse and the far end of Auchterawe (small bridge at the farthest graveyard).

In conjunction with The Highland Council and the project’s principal contractor, SSEN Transmission has developed a work programme and associated traffic management plan that will allow the upgrade work to be completed in the safest and shortest time, with minimal disruption to local residents and users of the road.

At the community meeting held in Fort Augustus Substation on the 6 February, it was agreed that the work along the forest road section (Phases C, D, E and F on the above drawing) would be delayed until November 2019 to avoid the main tourist season.

Following on from this meeting, SSEN Transmission has agreed to split these works into two stages:

    • Stage 1 will focus on Phases A and B as highlighted in the above drawing. This work will be undertaken during February and March 2019 and is scheduled to last for approximately six weeks.
    • Stage 2 will focus on Phases C, D, E and F, again as highlighted in the accompanying drawing. This work will be undertaken during November and December 2019 and we expect it to last for approximately six weeks.

The information session will be held on Wednesday 20 February in Fort Augustus Village Hall between 16:00 – 20:00 where SSEN Transmission representatives will discuss their revised plans in more detail.

SSEN Transmission’s Community Liaison Manager, Lisa Marchi-Grey, is encouraging the local community to come along to meet the project team and learn more about their plans:

"This meeting is an ideal opportunity for local residents and businesses to learn more about our revised plans. We are committed to doing everything we can to ensure that this work causes the minimum amount of disruption across the community,  and so if anyone has any questions or concerns about what we will be doing, traffic management plans, working hours or if they require special access to their properties, please come along to next Wednesday’s meeting and we will do our best to resolve them."

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