Ahead of the main construction phase of our Fort Augustus project starting next month, we went out to site to meet Archie Munro, our Project Manager and Lisa Marchi-Grey, the project’s Community Liasion Manager, to learn more about the project background, the work that will be taking place and the importance of good communication.

Following on from our visit, we’ve produced a series of short videos, which we hope will provide an overview of the key elements of the project in short, bite-sized chunks. The first video, where Archie explains what the project is all about, can be viewed by clicking on the adjacent image; the other four films in this series are available below.

As the project progresses we’ll be doing more of these, giving you behind-the-scenes glimpses of the construction as it takes place and introducing you to members of the project team.

Work is currently under way on the ‘pre-construction’ phase, with the main part of the project in the substation itself due to start in mid-April.

For further information on the project, click here and if you have any specific questions, please contact Lisa at lisa.marchi@sse.com.

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