SSEN Transmission invites local stakeholders to join one of its online consultation events on the 3 November where it will be sharing its proposals to replace the existing overhead transmission line between Dunoon Substation and Garelochhead.   

The current line was constructed in the early 1970’s and after a long service it is now reaching the end of its operational life and it must be replaced to maintain a secure supply of electricity to the homes and businesses along its route.

Transmission towers can have a life expectancy of up to 80 years, whereas the conductors or wires that make up the lines normally last for about 40 years. So before proposing to build a replacement line SSEN Transmission carried a detailed assessment of the current line to assess if the line could be refurbished, keeping the existing towers and replacing the wires.  The assessment revealed that the towers, which are of an older design, now need to be replaced making a refurbishment is not feasible, and a new line would need to be built.

During the construction of the replacement overhead line, the current line needs to remain operational in order to maintain a supply of electricity to Dunoon and the surrounding areas, so the new line will follow an alternative route. SSEN Transmission is now seeking your feedback on their proposals to construct a new 132kV overhead line from the existing Loch Long crossing to Dunoon Grid Supply Point, located near Sandbank.

To facilitate the consultation events whilst we continue to social distance, SSEN Transmission has developed an online consultation tool to enable the local community to experience the full exhibition from home on a computer, tablet or mobile device, whilst maintaining Government guidance on social distancing. The online exhibition has been designed to look and feel like a real consultation in a community hall, with exhibition boards, maps and the opportunity to share views on the proposals.

Commenting on the events, Graham Reid  Project Manager, said:

“The replacement of Dunoon to Garelochhead overhead line is an essential project, representing a major investment in the area, which is critical to maintain security of supply. As a responsible developer, we are committed to working closely with the local community as we develop our plans, despite current social distancing restrictions. 

” We encourage anyone who might be interested in our proposals to join the virtual consultations where you will be able to engage directly with our project team, via a live chat function, to ask any questions you might have about the project and share feedback on the current proposals.

“We want to make the consultation process interactive for everyone so if yourself or someone you know is not able to join the virtual consultation or access the platform then please contact the project team, we are happy to post out consultation materials, arrange virtual meetings and set up calls to discuss the proposals.”

The virtual consultation events will be taking place as follows:

3 November  10.00 – 12.30

3 November  17.00 – 19.30


Further information is available on the project website, where a link to the virtual platform will become available from Monday 2nd November:

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