SSEN Transmission has published its 2020 North of Scotland Energy Trends report, highlighting the key changes in energy generation, demand and consumer behaviour in our network area over the past two years.

Amongst the findings, the report shows that:

- Since 2017, renewable electricity generation connected on the SSEN network has increased by over 1000MW due to several large-scale offshore and onshore wind generation projects coming online.

 - In 2019/20, electricity generated on our system represented 2.85 times the level of demand in our network area, highlighting the crucial role that the north of Scotland transmission network plays in delivering clean, green power to areas of demand across GB.

 - The total number of electric vehicles (EVs) registered in Scotland’s northern local authority areas has increased by 95% from 2017 to 2019.

The outcomes of which will be used to help inform future network requirements as Scotland makes the transition to net zero emissions by 2045.

Speaking of the report’s findings, Marah Halper from SSEN Transmission stated:

“We’re pleased to publish our latest Energy Trends report today, which provides an insight into energy behaviours in our electricity network region as we support the transition to net zero emissions.

“The findings continue to demonstrate that the north of Scotland holds the greatest renewable resources in GB and therefore provides the greatest opportunity for growth to meet net zero targets. However supportive signals from the regulator and governments will be vital to meet future decarbonisation targets, and economic goals, through the delivery of further network investment.

“The transmission network is the backbone for this green revolution as we facilitate the journey to a low carbon electricity system, and we’ll continue to follow key energy trends carefully as technology, low carbon policy and consumer behaviour evolves.”

The full version of SSEN Transmission’s 2020 North of Scotland Energy Trends report can be read here.

You can also read a blog here from SSEN Transmission’s Network Planning Manager, Roddy Wilson, as he shares his views on what the report’s findings mean for our future network.

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