SSEN Transmission is looking to engage with developers with an interest in generating between Fort Augustus and Skye to better understand the future electricity generation and demand needs in the region

Back in February this year, SSEN Transmission announced plans to replace the existing electricity transmission powerline that runs from Fort Augustus to Ardmore in the north of Skye. Its planned replacement is essential to maintain security of supply to homes and businesses along its route and enable the connection of new renewable energy generation to the transmission network, supporting the transition to a net zero emissions target. 

To help inform the technical solution for the replacement line SSEN Transmission first needs to understand the future energy requirements of customers looking to connect in the area and how this infrastructure could be used by future generation and demand customers.

Developers with plans to connect to the electricity network in the area between Fort Augustus to Skye are invited to complete a questionnaire which will help develop robust future scenarios for the Needs Case which will be submitted to Ofgem as part of the necessary regulatory approvals process required to unlock the investment for the replacement line. To hear more about this and the Skye replacement upgrade, generation developers are also invited to join us for a virtual seminar on 19 January 2021.

Charlotte Manson, Head of SSEN Transmission Customer Experience said:

“It’s important for us to work with our current and future customers to understand their needs and develop in partnership with both them and our wider stakeholders enduring and efficient solutions that will support and enable how we use the electricity network both today and in the future.

“We are inviting generation and demand developers with plans to connect to the electricity network in the area to complete a questionnaire which will help inform the Needs Case, as well as joining our online seminar to find out more about our plans to upgrade the network, ask questions and share information regarding their plans.”

During this seminar developers will hear presentations both on the Skye reinforcement upgrade as well as the need for the developer questionnaire. Developers will be able to engage with subject matter experts via the Slido platform, which will be used to host an interactive Q&A, where they can ask any questions they might have about the project.

To register for the seminar please fill out the seminar registration form by Tuesday 12 January 2021.  

Online seminar hosted: 19 January 2021 2-3pm

Questionnaire submissions requested by: 22 January 2021

Wider Stakeholders

While this information gathering exercise is aimed specifically at generation and demand developers, we recognise there are many more stakeholders with an interest in the development of the Skye reinforcement project. As this project develops, we will continue to facilitate and encourage public consultation to seek stakeholder views and will ensure there will be opportunities to feed into the project development process.

As the electricity transmission owner in the north of Scotland, SSEN Transmission is committed to develop its network and provide network solutions which seek to reflect all stakeholder needs. These include ensuring security of supply and network resilience, while enabling the connection of additional renewable generation to fight climate change as we build a network for net zero emissions.  We also aim to consider all future requirements to help minimise the need for additional major infrastructure work in the future; all balanced against the need to keep local disruption to a minimum.


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