Following the recent publication of SSEN Transmission’s discussion paper on TNUoS charging; the electricity transmission owner for the north of Scotland is hosting a follow up webinar, supported by Scottish Renewables, to discuss the paper’s key findings and seek feedback from generation customers and stakeholders on the case, and options, for reform.

Generation customers and wider stakeholders across the north of Scotland have consistently raised concerns that locational charges for transmission access, as well as uncertainty about future charges, are acting as a blocker to the commercial viability of renewable energy projects. This in turn creates uncertainty in terms of efficient system planning for the transmission network, whilst also impacting on the energy markets where generators seek to earn revenue.

The UK and Scottish Government has put in place a number of ambitious policies to encourage and support greater deployment of renewable energy to meet our emission reduction targets. In the year of COP26, and with Scotland’s contribution to the UK’s net zero targets in mind, the purpose of the webinar is to discuss if the current transmission charging regime (which was initially devised 30 years ago) is still fit for purpose in a net zero world, effectively penalising renewable generators in the areas with the greatest resource.

Speaking of the objectives of the webinar, David Boyland, Commercial Policy Manager at SSEN Transmission states:

“We’d like to invite stakeholders and customers to join our forthcoming webinar on TNUoS to discuss current impact and the case for reform, whether they support change or the status quo.

“Supported by both internal and external speakers, our webinar aims to build on our engagement on this issue so far, creating an opportunity for further discussion on network charging and also consider avenues for potential reform to support Net Zero delivery. We would encourage anyone with an interest in the subject to join us to participate in the discussion and share your views.”

The webinar will be held on Tuesday 16 March from 9am to 10am.

As numbers are limited, pre-registration for the event is required. To sign up and join the TNUoS webinar, please click here.

If you have any questions or requirements in advance of the event, please

Disclaimer: The webinar will be recorded and may be published at a later date.

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