Following consultation events in June this year, SSEN is seeking feedback from the Shetland community and wider stakeholders on its proposals to provide connections for generators looking to connect to the GB transmission network and Gremista Grid Supply Point (GSP) Substation.

The project is needed as there is currently significant renewable generation contracted to connect to the grid in Shetland.  As the electricity transmission network owner for the north of Scotland, SSEN Transmission is legally obliged to provide connections to electricity generators looking to connect to the electricity transmission network.  

To provide new renewable generators with a connection SSEN Transmission is proposing to create a new 132kV transmission network to connect from each wind farm to a new 132kV substation and the new Converter Station at Kergord. Also forming part of the proposals is a new Gremista GSP Substation being developed jointly by SSEN Transmission and SSEN Distribution which will when connected supply clean renewable electricity to homes and businesses across Shetland. The new GSP will also supply electricity from the mainland grid via the HVDC link when there is not sufficient wind generation to fulfill Shetland demand.

SSEN Transmission and SSEN Distribution are seeking your feedback on the following elements:

  • Low-profile trident overhead lines and sections of underground cabling as the preferred technology for the onshore connections.
  • The onshore connection alignment between Yell cable landfall at Burravoe, South Yell Switching Station and Beaw Field Wind Farm.
  • A Switching Station in South Yell.
  • The  Shetland mainland to Yell subsea cable route and cable landfall locations at Burravoe and Cul Ness.
  • The onshore connection alignment between the Kergord and the mainland landfall at Cul Ness.
  • The onshore connection alignment between the Kergord, Mossy Hill Wind Farm and Gremista GSP.
  • The Gremista Grid Supply Point. 

In June SSEN Transmission sought feedback on the connection for Energy Isles Wind Farm, however, the connection date for this wind farm has now been moved back to April 2027 by the developer. The consultation on this connection will now be paused and will not form part of this consultation event.  It will be part of a future event, provisionally planned for 2023.

Commenting on the events, Steven McMillan Project Manager, said:

“We would like to thank all those who responded to our earlier consultation in June this year, with the feedback received helping to shape the alignment and technology selection we are now presenting.  As responsible developer, we are keen to continue to work closely with the local community to finalise plans for these new connections.  

“We encourage anyone who might be interested in finding out more to come along to one of our three face to face consultation events or join our virtual event to speak to representatives from SSEN Transmission and SSEN Distribution. The consultation events will present key project information and plans, as well as providing an opportunity to ask questions about the project to team members and share feedback.”

If you are unable to join one of the events or access the virtual consultations and would like to find out more about the proposals please contact Community Liaison Manager, Sharon Powell at

The consultation events will be taking place as follows:

  • 7 September - Shetland Museum and Archives, 4pm - 9pm
  • 8 September - Burravoe Public Hall, 12pm - 7pm
  • 9 September - Vidlin Hall, Shetland, 12pm - 7pm
  • 14 September- Virtual event, 12pm -1.30pm and 5.30pm - 7pm 

To find out more visit: 

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