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Liaison Manager

Helen Batey
Title: Community Liaison Manager
Mobile: 07778453993
Address: 1 Waterloo Street, Glasgow, G2 6AY

Land Manager

Murray Philip
Telephone: 07918 404 557
Address: Inveralmond House,
200 Dunkeld Road,
Status: Project assessment

About the project 

Due to the projected increase in renewable energy generation in Argyll, a need has been identified for the upgrade and reinforcement of the electricity transmission network on the Argyll peninsula to ensure supply and support the transition to net zero emissions. 

As described during the development process for the Inveraray – Crossaig overhead line rebuild, the replacement overhead line is being built at a higher 275 kV voltage, initially operating at 132 kV between Inveraray and Crossaig.

As future renewable generation connects to the electricity network and the operating voltage is required to increase to 275 kV, substations along the route will also require to be replaced in order to accommodate this voltage increase.

We are therefore proposing to construct and operate four (4) new 275 kV electricity substations at the following locations: 

  • in the vicinity of the existing An Suidhe substation;
  • in the vicinity of the existing Crarae substation;
  • in the vicinity of Craig Murrail, north of Lochgilphead; and
  • in the vicinity of the existing Crossaig substation. 

Once the 275kV Substations are constructed, the existing 132kV An Suidhe, Crarae and Crossaig substations will be decommissioned.


Community Engagement

Throughout the life of our projects, we aim to work positively with local communities and keep people informed about what we are doing. This is particularly important when we are developing a proposal and we want to understand what local people think about our plans.

We endeavour to take the time to discuss proposals with local community councils, encourage engagement from the wider community and listen to the feedback we receive.

We will do our best to answer any questions and address issues or concerns that are raised with us.

When our project progresses into construction, we will continue working closely with the local community to ensure that our work has as little impact on the lives of those living and working in the area and as many long term positive effects as possible.

We are currently working towards holding a Virtual Public Consultation later this Summer. Further details will become available in due course. 

Should you wish to be contacted with updates in relation to this project, please sign up for updates at the bottom of this page or contact the Community Liaison Manager. 

Project Documentation

Argyll and Bute Information Sharing Webinar - March 21 - Slide Deck
File Type: pdf
Published: 18 Mar 2021
Argyll 275kv Substations - Substation Site Selection - Consultation Document - June 2021
File Type: pdf
Published: 10 Jun 2021
Consultation Document - June 2021 - Appendix 1 - Figures 1-2
File Type: pdf
Published: 10 Jun 2021
Consultation Document - June 2021 - Appendix 1 - Figures 3-4
File Type: pdf
Published: 10 Jun 2021
Consultation Document - June 2021 - Appendix 1 - Figures 5-7
File Type: pdf
Published: 10 Jun 2021

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