Project Type: Windfarm connection

Contact Details

Liaison Manager

Kelly Scott
Title: Community Liaison Manager
Mobile: 07443 772 946
Address: Networks
1 Waterloo Street
G2 6AY

Land Manager

Ali MacLeod
Title: Land Manager
Mobile: 07500 912996
Address: 10 Henderson Road, Inverness, IV1 1SN
Status: Early Development

About the project

The aim of the Yell Windfarm Connections project is to develop and construct a Transmission connection to allow for the export of renewable energy generation projects from Yell to the Shetland Mainland and subsequently on to the UK Mainland, connecting to the GB electricity system. 

In order to facilitate these connections, the following project elements are required:

  • A new Switching Station located at the south of Yell 
  • A 132kV transmission connection from the windfarms (Beaw Field and Energy Isles) to the Yell Switching Station
  • A subsea connection between Yell and the Shetland Mainland
  • A transmission connection from the north of the Shetland Mainland to the proposed new substation at Upper Kergord 

An overhead line connection from the Mossy Hill Windfarm on the Shetland Mainland to the proposed new substation at Upper Kergord will also be required. Once this project is at further stage of development it will be provided with its own webpage.

These windfarm connections on Shetland are currently in early development and decisions regarding the type of technology utilised and potential routes taken are still to be made at this stage. To help inform the decision making process, the project team are concentrating on bird surveys and landfall site surveys which will likely commence in early 2020. Once further information has been obtained and analysed, the project team will be seeking to consult with local stakeholders on our proposals to receive feedback prior to further refinement. 

This project is also tied to the Shetland HVDC Connection project. To find out more about this project, please click here


Our Approach

Throughout the life of our projects, we aim to work positively with local communities and keep people informed about what we are doing. This is particularly important when we are developing a proposal and we want to understand what local people think about our plans.

We endeavour to take the time to discuss proposals with local community councils, encourage engagement from the wider community and listen to the feedback we receive.

We aim to begin the public consultation process by Spring 2020, where we will present further information in regards to our proposals and will do our best to answer any questions and address issues or concerns that are raised with us.


Why is the Project Required?

As the transmission licence holder in the north of Scotland we have a duty under Section 9 of the Electricity Act 1989 to facilitate competition in the generation and supply of electricity. We have obligations to offer non-discriminatory terms for connection to the transmission system, both for new generation and for new sources of electricity demand.

The aim of the project is to enable renewable energy to connect to our transmission network. Under our Network Operators Licence this connection should be efficient, co-ordinated and economic, whilst having the least possible impact on the environment.

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