Our Competition Strategy explores the expansion of competition within RIIO-T2 and the interlinkages between innovation and whole system.

To support and inform our strategy development, we have undertaken a programme of stakeholder engagement, using the insight gathered to determine the optimal processes to deliver efficiencies aligned with Ofgem’s best practice principles and we outline what information we will share and/or publish throughout RIIO-T2, such that Ofgem and stakeholders can assess our performance against the commitments in our Native Competition Plan.

In addition, we consider Ofgem’s ‘Early’ and ‘Late’ competition criteria against our proposed capital investment strategy for RIIO-T2 and the additional factors that will be essential to consider in determining the optimal and efficient framework for delivering a transmission network which is capable of meeting the needs of its current and future users.

Competition Strategy

Competition Strategy
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Published: 07 Dec 2019