Growing our Business; Growing our People

We have a significant opportunity as we move forward with our ambitious RIIO-T2 plans to not only grow our business, but to also grow our people. We are committed to ensuring our people have the skills, knowledge and behaviours to manage and develop the Transmission network of the future, whilst also retaining the wealth of capabilities necessary to continue to operate a safe and reliable system. This will deliver the business needs of today, and those of tomorrow.

Our people vision for SHE Transmission

Our people are equipped, engaged and empowered to deliver our strategic objectives in an innovative and  positive way.

In Transmission, we attract, retain and develop a talented, diverse and engaged workforce, that are led and supported in a way that allows them to effectively contribute to the delivery of plans and strategic commitments.

 Our Sustainable Workforce Strategy sets out the people ambitions we have for our business.

Sustainable Workforce Strategy

Sustainable Workforce Strategy
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Published: 05 Dec 2019