Our Stakeholder Engagement Strategy 

After recognising that we could improve our stakeholder engagement, we spent 18 months specifically engaging with people and actively listening to their views and opinions on how we interact and involve people in our business activities.

Working with external specialists we created our Stakeholder Engagement Strategy which has been built on our stakeholders’ input, alongside extensive research into best practice. It includes why we engage, what our ambition is for stakeholder engagement, our new strategic objectives and enhanced principles.


Within our Stakeholder Engagement Strategy, available for download at the bottom of this page, you will find information on how we created the strategy, what we believe success will look like and how we're putting it in to practice. If you have any questions or would like to provide any comments on this document and the information within it, please contact our Stakeholder Engagement team. 

Our Stakeholder Engagement Strategy and Subsequent Consultation

SSEN Transmission Stakeholder Engagement Strategy
Our new strategy which we will review yearly to include lessons learnt and developments in best practice.
File Type: pdf
Published: 25 Sep 2019
Stakeholder Engagement Strategy consultation report
Information on how we consulted on our draft strategy back in June 2019, including stakeholder input
File Type: pdf
Published: 25 Sep 2019
Stakeholder Engagement Workshop report
Report from EQ, the external company who facilitated the two workshops in Inverness and Glasgow
File Type: pdf
Published: 06 Dec 2019
SHE Transmission Stakeholder Engagement Strategy Consultation Document
Our draft strategy which we shared openly so that we could further develop it to ensure we meet our stakeholders’ needs.
File Type: pdf
Published: 06 Jun 2019

Implementing the Strategy - Our Action Plan

We have set ourselves the ambition to be leaders in stakeholder engagement – in our industry and beyond. We want to be at the forefront of stakeholder engagement practice, ensuring our strategic priorities align with the needs and expectations of our stakeholders.

Our Action Plan, which you can download at the bottom of this page, includes information on the actions we’ll undertake to continue our journey of improvement within stakeholder engagement. It includes details on when we aim to complete the actions by, and where possible, our estimated costs to do it. Our Action Plan provides the opportunity to:

  • Be open and honest with our stakeholders, helping them understand our current capability and our desired future.
  • Design our improvement as a series of steps that will ensure we create a lasting culture of engagement within our business.
  • Develop a culture in our business that enables growth and continuous improvement in our approach to stakeholder engagement.

To support continuous improvement, our Action Plan has been designed as a living document that will be updated regularly. If you want to influence our Action Plan to increase its effectiveness, please contact our Stakeholder Engagement Team. 

We’ve committed to providing our stakeholders with ongoing updates on the status of the Action Plan.

Stakeholder Engagement Action Plan

Stakeholder Engagement Action Plan
File Type: pdf
Published: 06 Dec 2019

Our Forward Plan

Our annual Forward Plan outlines our areas of focus each year based on continual stakeholder feedback.

In early 2020, we reviewed the feedback gathered from stakeholders during 2019 both through the annual Stakeholder Satisfaction Survey and through direct engagements. Stakeholders highlighted areas for us to engage on, implement improvements, or where they wanted us to play a more active role in industry change. We used these insights to form our Forward Plan for engagement in 2020/21.

With the arrival of COVID-19 and the impacts it had, we understood that stakeholder priorities may have changed. We wanted to hear their views on whether any of the proposed engagement initiatives should be changed in light of the social and economic uncertainty that the pandemic has created.

To gather this feedback, we published a Draft Forward Plan which included a summary of our proposed stakeholder engagement initiatives for 2020/21. It also included examples of how we are adapting our engagement to allow the initiatives to continue within the restrictions that the pandemic has created. We welcomed views and suggestions on this aspect of the plan. It was published as part of a four-week consultation ending 4th September 2020, followed by a virtual stakeholder engagement workshop.

We reviewed the responses received to our consultation and collated these, alongside the respective actions, in our Draft Forward Plan Consultation Findings report, published below. 

We have finalised our Stakeholder Engagement Forward Plan for 2020-21, and the latest version of this can also be found below.

Following last years Forward Plan publication, we are currently in the process of drafting our areas of focus for 2021/22, with a draft plan anticipated to be published and consulted on from late June 2021. 


Forward Plan 2020/21

Stakeholder Engagement Forward Plan 2020-21
File Type: pdf
Published: 17 Mar 2021

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