Stakeholder Engagement Activities 

Our Strategic Objectives for engagement surrounding experience involves enabling stakeholder input, building intelligence on our stakeholders needs, working with stakeholders in our planning and delivery and striving to achieve mutually acceptable and agreed outcomes. 

This means we ensure our stakeholders have the opportunity to input and influence our decision making processes, provide them with the right information at the right time and provide opportunities to have informed discussions with subject matter experts. Building intelligence on stakeholders asks and ambitions also allows us to develop plans which align with our stakeholders and tailor our engagement style appropriately and consider in advance when to engage.


As we look to the future, we also strive to develop future optionality with input from a diverse group of stakeholders and actively participate in industry change as a committed advocate for stakeholders, society and the environment.

Since launching our Stakeholder Engagement Strategy and Action Plan, we've been working to share information on our full programme of work with stakeholders, collaborate with key stakeholders on plans, create information sharing opportunities prior to consultation activities and update our strategies and policies with stakeholder input. 

To provide an indication of what this looks like in practice, we've highlighted some of the key stakeholder engagement activities which are ongoing, upcoming or recently completed. 

Engaging During COVID 19 


As the transmission network operator in the north of Scotland, SSEN Transmission play a vital role in powering the country, providing a safe and reliable supply of electricity at local, regional and national level on which the people and organisations whose work is critical to the Coronavirus response depend.

Typically, wherever possible, we engage with our stakeholders during face to face discussions, consultations, meetings and roundtables, however due to the effects of COVID 19, we began to quickly introduce and implement alternative means of engaging with our stakeholders.  






Following SSEN Transmission’s recent webinar TNUoS: The biggest barrier to Net Zero? hosted by Claire Mack, Chief Executive of Scottish Renewables and supported by Adam Morrison from Ocean Winds, we have now published a recording of the session which can be accessed here: SSEN Transmission - Transmission Charges Webinar Recording

Our session on 16th March 2021 brought together a wide range of participants, including policy officials, economic development agencies and developers, covering thermal, onshore wind, offshore wind and solar, to discuss views and experiences of TNUoS charging in Scotland. Using live interactive polling and surveys, 93% of participants agreed that some form of change to the current TNUoS methodology is required to support Scotland and the UK’s net zero targets. We’d like to thank all attendees for listening, participating and sharing your opinions on our TNUoS discussion paper as we explore options for reform.

Following recent engagement through our paper and the webinar, we are currently analysing all views received and will be shortly be publishing an summary paper which will anonymously detail the feedback we have received so far to inform our next steps. This will be published in due course.

In the meantime, we look forward to further engagement with our key stakeholders as we further explore stakeholder-led options for TNUoS reform. If you have any questions on our TNUoS workstream or would like to share further feedback please contact

Regional Information Sharing Webinars


The Argyll and Kintyre 275kV Strategy was introduced to stakeholders during a regional webinar on 17th March 2021. Within the webinar, members of our project team outline the generation background history, the timeline we are working to and provide further context of the project requirement and anticipated next steps. To view the webinar, please click on the video adjacent.