Stakeholder Engagement Draft Forward Plan 2020/21

SSEN Transmission is seeking stakeholder views and challenge on our draft Forward Plan which outlines proposed engagement activities for the coming year.

Earlier this year, we reviewed the feedback gathered from stakeholders during 2019 both through the annual Stakeholder Satisfaction Survey and through direct engagements. Stakeholders highlighted areas for us to engage on, implement improvements, or to play a more active role in industry change.

The draft Forward Plan provides a summary of the stakeholder engagement initiatives under each theme. It is published here as part of a four-week consultation ending 4th September 2020.  The consultation has been structured into seven questions and with four themes identified:

  1. Promoting Best Practice for Positive Change
  2. Net Zero
  3. Supporting consumers
  4. Operations and Land

With the arrival of COVID-19 and the impacts it has had, we understand that stakeholder priorities may have changed. We want to hear your views on whether any of the proposed engagement initiatives should be changed in light of the social and economic uncertainty that the pandemic has created.

There are also some examples included of how we are adapting engagement to allow the initiatives to continue within the restrictions that the pandemic has prompted. Your views and suggestions would also be welcomed on this aspect of the plan.

If you wish to provide feedback on our Forward Plan, please complete the below feedback form.  It is intended to publish all stakeholder responses on this website alongside the finalised Forward Plan. Please therefore ensure you tick the box within the feedback form if you wish your response to remain confidential.

Stakeholder Engagment Draft Forward Plan 2020/21

Stakeholder Engagment Draft Forward Plan 2020/21
File Type: pdf
Published: 17 Aug 2020

Draft Forward Plan 2020/21 Feedback Form

Forward Plan Feedback Form
Closing Date: 04 Sep 2020