Beauly Denny 400kV Upgrade - Fort Augustus 400kV Substation Pre-application Consultation Event

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    Fort Augustus Village Hall, Church Road, Fort Augustus, PH32 4DG
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SSEN Transmission are pleased to be hosting a public consultation regarding the uprating of the existing Beauly-Denny 275kV to 400kV upgrade project, one of the onshore electricity transmission infrastructure projects which forms part of our Pathway to 2030 programme of works.

When the Beauly-Denny project was developed, the overhead line was constructed for operation at 400kV, with one circuit operating at 400kV and the second circuit operating at 275kV.  Due to increasing amounts of renewable electricity generation connecting to the transmission system, we now need to uprate the second circuit from 275kV to 400kV.

To uprate this second circuit to 400kV there is a requirement for modifications along the route, including an extension to the existing Fort Augustus substation at Auchterawe.

This is an open door drop-in session, and will allow for feedback to be given to the project team on our proposals. The consultation event will allow for presentation of key project information and plans, as well as providing the opportunity to ask questions directly to the project team.


For more information on the project and the upcoming consultation please contact the project's Community Liaison Manager.

Rosie Hodgart

Community Liaison Manager