Making sure that generation developments can connect to our network is one of our primary responsibilities as the owner of the network in the north of Scotland and we have a huge job to do over the coming years to make sure that our network is capable of connecting the planned additional generation capacity. For this reason, we have a major programme of investment underway which involves upgrading and reinforcing the network and fundamentally changing its historic role.

We make it easy to connect to our transmission network

  • A flock of sheep stand in front of transmission towers against a snowy Scottish landscape

    Motorway network of the energy world

    The transmission network transmits high voltage electricity over long distances through wires carried on a system of mainly metal towers (pylons) and large substations.


  • An engineer is carrying out work on a transmission asset

    Who's who in the connection process

    Learn more about the different parties involved in delivering a new customer connection.
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    Preparing your application

    With such huge interest and activity in renewable connections, it’s important that your connection application is prepared correctly. We’re here to help.

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    Contact our Customer Experience team

    Your connection application and enquiries will be handled personally by your dedicated Offers Manager and Customer Relationship Manager.
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    Customer Experience Strategy

    Our Customer Experience Strategy has re-evaluated the requirements of customers pre and post connection, based on fresh insights, creating a comprehensive strategy, built upon customer and stakeholder feedback and expectations.
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    Making it easy for developers

    To make things as easy as possible for developers of large-scale generation, at voltages of 132kV and above, we act as intermediaries in delivering new connections, supporting you through the process and working with National Grid to put all the necessary arrangements in place. 

  • A transmission tower with power lines against the blue sky with clouds

    Transmission Owner Reinforcement Instruction (TORI) Quarterly Update Report

    SSEN Transmission’s Quarterly Update Report provides an update on our Transmission Owner Reinforcement Instruction (TORI) projects.  


  • A helicopter is flying, placing parts of a transmission tower into position

    Charging statements and information

    Each year we set out our charges, our allowed revenue, for investing in and maintaining transmission infrastructure. 


  • A series of transmission towers stand proudly across the Scottish Highlands against a snowy backdrop

    Our Projects

    We provide useful information about our current and proposed projects here online. Use our interactive map to a find the project you’re interested in to learn more.

  • Two members of the local community are reviewing plans with an SSEN Transmission employee at an engagement event

    Upcoming events

    We host a mixture of in-person and online events throughout the year to engage with our stakeholders and to help inform what we do. Preview our upcoming events and get involved. 


  • An image showing two wind farm co-locating

    Co-location and joint working

    Register your interest in collaborating with other customers using our simple form, whether on co-location or joint working.