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Welcome to SSEN Transmission’s Whole System Hub. Here you will find an overview of our Whole System workstream, key publications and progress to date in delivering innovative whole system solutions as we deliver a network for net zero.

What is Whole System?

As the operator of the transmission network in the north of Scotland, our strategic objective is to connect the renewable energy that is needed to meet the UK and Scottish Government’s carbon emissions reduction, and renewable energy targets. However, the electricity network is just one part of the low carbon revolution - the whole energy system comprises electricity, gas, heat and transport networks and components that serve GB society.

Taking a whole system approach in our network design, future planning and project delivery means that we take a wide look at all of these wider elements and systems of the energy industry to understand how they are related, and how they influence one another. This enables us to collaborate with relevant stakeholders and find innovative and efficient network solutions as we deliver a network for net zero.

Delivering a Whole System Strategy

We published our Whole System Strategy in 2019, which aims to optimise the development, delivery, construction, operation and maintenance of our network throughout the current price control period (RIIO-T2) by working across traditional boundaries to deliver benefits to our communities, customers, GB billpayers and stakeholders. But we can’t do this alone and the foundations of the strategy sit firmly on three key building blocks:

Engaging stakeholders to gain a common understanding of the desired outcomes;

  • Working collaboratively to identify and assess possible solutions;
  • Supporting innovation to improve outcomes for GB society.

Since 2019, this strategy has been embedded in our business’ strategic ambitions, and as we deliver a network for net zero, it will remain the cornerstone for unlocking a coordinated, resilient and efficient low carbon future for the stakeholders and communities we serve. You can read our strategy here.

Windmills in the sky

Reviewing our Whole System Strategy

As the energy industry evolves and new technologies are established, we recognise the need to keep regularly reviewing our Whole System Strategy so that it is fully reflective of society’s whole system requirements.

Building upon our current strategy, we’re currently undertaking a focused review to consider what additional factors and technologies should be included as we deliver a network for net zero. To help inform this review, we’d welcome feedback from all of our key stakeholders to ensure that all opportunities to benefit from the low carbon transition are maximised for customers, consumers, supply chain and the communities which we serve. If you’d like to speak with us and feedback any comments to inform this review please contact

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Whole System Coordination Register

As part of our regulatory license requirements, we are required to coordinate and cooperate with other electricity network licensees to develop whole electricity system outcomes including data sharing. We are also required to consider proposals received from network users to advance the efficient and economical operation of network. As part of this requirement, we have published our Whole System Coordination Register which provides a clear and transparent overview of our activities to date. The Whole System Coordination Register can be found here.


Network user proposal submission form

As a stakeholder-led organisation, we are keen to consider proposals from our network users (e.g. generators, demand customers etc) which seek to advance the efficient and economic operation of our network.

Proposals can be, for example, to improve customer connection processes, network access and outage planning, project delivery etc. Please submit your proposals by completing the form below:

For information on how we collect and process your data, please see our privacy notice here.

Please select which of the following relates to your proposal

For information on how we collect and process your data, please see our privacy notice here.

We’ve published our Whole System Annual Report for 2023, which provides a snapshot of our progress to date in delivering a whole system approach as we invest in the north of Scotland Transmission network. Read our Whole System Annual Report here.

For us, whole system is about creating value, from our commitment to deliver a customer value proposition of £350 million, to providing timely cost-effective whole system solutions to ensure national net zero emissions are met. Delivering this value wouldn’t be possible without vital support and feedback from our customers and stakeholders who lead and shape our key areas of focus as a business.

As we implement our whole system strategy, we’d welcome your views on our progress to date, and suggestions for things we could do better to deliver an innovative, collaborative and efficient network for net zero in the North of Scotland. To share your views please contact us at .

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