Digital Strategy and Action Plan

Our Digital Vision is to be a leading digitalised utility, where all of our customers, stakeholders and staff are able to access the data they need, when they need it. This will help us deliver operational efficiency, network resilience and data-driven investment decisions, supporting the development of our network, including renewable generation connections for our customers, as we build a network for net zero emissions.

Our Digital Strategy, updated in March 2022, describes our ongoing journey to become a more fully digitalised business. Data-driven investment decisions will help us deliver operational efficiency, network resilience, timely connections and support development of our net zero emissions network.

We look forward to delivering this digital transformation, which will provide improved value for both stakeholders and consumers, meeting stakeholder needs and supporting the transition to net zero. We encourage feedback from all stakeholders at   

Digital Strategy Update - March 2022

We updated our Digital Strategy in March 2022. This describes our digital plans in more detail, and sets out how our stakeholders and industry partners have informed both the strategy and its specific objectives.

We also share updates on our progress with stakeholders via Action Plan updates. These updates can be accessed below.

Digital RIIO-2 Mid-Period Re-Openers

Our price control (RIIO-2) runs for a period of five years, commencing in April 2021 and ending in March 2026. It is not possible for us or Ofgem to determine the exact nature and cost of work likely to be required during the RIIO-2 period ahead of setting allowances for the full period. Ofgem has therefore made provision for the use of uncertainty mechanisms, which may provide additional allowances when need for and cost of additional activities become more certain.

We submitted our RIIO-2 Information Technology and Telecoms (IT&T) business plan in December 2019, which we are well on the way to delivering. Based on the additional demands that are being placed on SSEN Transmission and a move towards Net Zero, we need to adjust our strategy and therefore IT&T business plan, to add new capabilities, and to react to the changing regulatory landscape, particularly in relation to digital and data expectations on electricity transmission owners. The uncertainty mechanisms within RIIO-2 enable us to apply to Ofgem for additional allowances to support this work where it is in the best interests of GB consumers. On this page you will find our latest Non Operational IT&T Capex uncertainty mechanism application submitted to Ofgem in both January and September 2023.

Digital Strategy and Action Plan updates

Digital T2 Mid-Period Re-Openers - September 2023

Digital T2 Mid-Period Re-Openers - January 2023