About Us

We are SSEN Transmission, the trading name for Scottish Hydro Electric Transmission.

We are responsible for the electricity transmission network in the north of Scotland, maintaining and investing in the high voltage 132kV, 220kV, 275kV and 400kV electricity transmission network.

Our network consists of underground and subsea cables, overhead lines on Two SSEN Transmission engineers walking through a substation in their PPE during routine outage maintenancewooden poles or steel towers, and electricity substations. It extends over a quarter of the UK’s land mass, crossing some of its most challenging terrain.

Our first priority is to provide a safe and reliable supply of electricity to our communities. We do this by taking the electricity from generators and transporting it at high voltages over long distances through our transmission network for onwards distribution to homes and businesses in villages, towns and cities.

Our operating area is home to vast renewable energy resources and this is being harnessed by wind, hydro and marine generation. Working closely with National Grid, the GB transmission System Operator, we also enable these electricity generators to connect to the transmission system by providing their connections and allowing the electricity generated by them to be transported to areas of demand across the country.

An operative looks towards the sea where he can see a cable-laying vessel being used in Shetland.

Scotland’s transmission network has a strategic role to play in supporting delivery of the UK and Scotland’s Net Zero targets. We’re already a mass exporter of renewable energy, with around two thirds of power generated in our network area exported to demand centres further south. By 2050, the north of Scotland is expected to need 40GW of low carbon energy capacity to support net zero delivery. For context, we currently have over 9GW of renewable generation connected in the north of Scotland.

As a natural monopoly, we are closely regulated by the GB energy regulator, Ofgem, who determines how much revenue we are allowed to earn for constructing, maintaining and renovating our transmission network in the north of Scotland. These costs are shared between all those using the transmission system, including generation developers and electricity consumers.

Following a minority stake sale which completed in November 2022, we are now owned 75% by SSE plc and 25% by Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan Board.

A flock of sheep can be seen roaming freely in the snowy Scottish highlands with transmission towers in the background.As a stakeholder-led business, SSEN Transmission is committed to inclusive stakeholder engagement, and we conduct this at an ‘Advanced’ level as assessed by AccountAbility, the international consulting and standards firm.

  • A member of the community is reading a project board about environmental considerations

    Sustainability and Environment

    Learn more about how SSEN Transmission is leading on sustainability and protecting our environment.

  • A member of the SSEN Transmission team is presenting to stakeholders at the National HVDC Centre

    Whole System

    Taking a whole system approach in our network design, future planning and project delivery means that we take a wide look at all of these wider elements and systems of the energy industry to understand how they are related, and how they influence one another.

  • The underneath of a transmission tower against a blue sky


    Innovation is key to helping us find new ways to overcome challenges to ensure security of supply and value for money as Britain moves to a low carbon economy.

  • Engineers with contracting partners are working together, dressed in hi-vis jackets, making use of a walkie-talkie


    SSEN Transmission’s first priority is to provide a safe and reliable supply of electricity. Find out how to report an emergency or dangerous situation, request support withyour upcoming works near our transmission network assets or source maps for any cables nearby.

Our Events

We hold in-person and virtual events right throughout the year. We actively seek feedback from our stakeholders to inform our plans and project proposals, and we welcome your participation at our events.

Members of the local community are reviewing plans with an SSEN Transmission employee at an engagement event

Learn more about us, our critical work and how we are delivering our Network for Net Zero.

  • Christianna Logan, Director of Customers and Stakeholders, meets with two other people at a round table.

    Customer connections

    Making sure that generation developments can connect to our network is one of our primary responsibilities as the owner of the electricity transmission network in the north of Scotland. We have a huge job to do over the coming years to make sure that our network is capable of connecting planned additional generation capacity.

  • Sharon Powell, our Shetland Community Liaison Manager, speaks with a member of the local community by a fence.

    Our Stakeholder Engagement

    SSEN Transmission is a stakeholder-led business that engages with its stakeholders at an ‘Advanced’ level as assessed by AccountAbility, the international consulting and standards firm.

  • Transmission towers stand tall against a snowy Scottish landscape

    Our Projects

    View and learn more about the projects we currently have underway and associated events using our project map and search. Our projects include works to reinforce our existing transmission network, construct new overhead lines, lay new sub-sea cables and increase the capacity of our substations to accommodate new renewable generation schemes, as we move away from fossil fuels towards our net zero future.

  • Engineers with contracting partners are laying a new power line

    Life at SSEN Transmission

    We take a strategic approach to creating an inclusive workforce. Our culture encourages everyone to be themselves – no matter what their background is. And no matter what, safety is at the heart of everything we do, and we live by the mantra ‘if it’s not safe, we don’t do it’.

  • SSEN Transmission’s Imram Mohammed presents to delates at an energy event.

    Our Business Plan

    SSEN Transmission is currently delivering against the commitments set out in its approved RIIO-T2 Business Plan.

  • An aerial view of an SSEN Transmission’s Fort Augustus Substation

    Asset Management

    We operate a safe, reliable and efficient network, maintaining the highest industry standard for asset management through our certification to the BS ISO 55001 standard. We are now working to become world class in asset management.

  • An engineer assesses data shown on screens inside SSEN Transmission’s Fort Augustus Substation


    Our approach to engaging with and serving our stakeholders and customers is both human and digital. Our Digital Vision is to be a leading digitalised utility, where all of our customers, stakeholders and employees are able to access the data they need, when they need it. 

Our brand - Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks

In this short video, we tell our story. Proud of our past, prepared for the future. We’re powering our community.