COVID-19: Protecting our customers, our colleagues and our network

I wanted to make you aware of our plans to protect and maintain network operations to keep electricity flowing and keep our customers and colleagues safe during the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic.

As the company responsible for the transmission network in the north of Scotland, we take the electricity from where it is generated and transport it over long distances through our transmission network to where it is needed. We understand the vital role our services play for the homes, communities and businesses in our network area and across the GB Network.

The Covid-19 outbreak and the necessary social measures introduced by government are unprecedented in recent times and we know that for the customers and the communities we serve, this may lead to concerns about the essential services we all rely on.

Please be assured that, at SSEN Transmission, we’ve been working through our well-established business continuity plans to ensure a safe and reliable electricity supply is maintained. In line with our continuity plans, we’ve implemented robust measures to protect our core operations, including operational depots, control rooms, through segregating key personnel and adapting our working protocols.

Below are just some of the practical steps we have taken, or are preparing to take, to help deliver on our core commitment to you, our customers and stakeholders.

Collaborating with government and industry

As the situation has developed, we’ve been in close contact with the government and the energy regulator, Ofgem, on the latest guidance and are committed to supporting efforts to limit and delay the spread of Coronavirus (Covid-19), ensuring the wellbeing of our customers, colleagues and communities.  

We are also working actively with other network operators and with trade associations to ensure we are sharing best practice and taking the necessary actions to ensure we focus on activity that safeguards supply. We’ll continue to do this, alongside further engagement with our supply chain to ensure access to the equipment and supplies we need.

Prioritising and protecting core operations

As an operational business involved in critical national infrastructure, we’ve taken steps to segregate our frontline operational teams.  This includes splitting the physical location they work in to ensure we can maintain operations in the event of a localised outbreak or a closure of a site. 

We’ve also modified shift patterns and taken steps to train and secure additional resource, both from internal teams and through our links with key contractors.  Workforce resilience will continue to be a key priority for us in the weeks and months ahead.

Keeping our customers and colleagues safe

We have introduced additional hygiene measures, ensured sufficient personal protective equipment (PPE) supplies and have issued guidance on social distancing, alongside an additional absence reporting process.

We have postponed all planned external engagement events in line with Government guidance, and we will keep our stakeholders and communities updated on our alternative engagement plans.  We remain committed to keeping our customers, communities and colleagues safe and informed.

Keeping you informed

Based on current guidance, this is likely to be a prolonged situation and there will be difficult weeks and months ahead.  As our plans develop, you have my commitment that we will keep you up to date as to what this means for our customers, communities and stakeholders.

Our priority will always be to deliver the power to where it is needed, safely and reliably.

If you have any questions, concerns or would like our support, please get in touch with our team at and we’ll be in touch.
Thank you for your support.

Rob Macdonald 

Managing Director SSEN Transmission