• Our RIIO-T2 Business Plan

    We are delivering our ambitious business plan for the RIIO-T2 period (2021-2026).

Five years, five clear goals

SSEN Transmission will aim to achieve five clear goals over the five-year T-2 price control period. These are: 

Draft Determination Consultation

On 9 July 2020, Ofgem published its Draft Determinations for the RIIO-T2 period, setting out its first formal response to our Business Plan for the next price control period, which was subject to a period of public consultation.

Our response to Ofgem's consultation can be found here.

Final determinations are expected to be published in December 2020.


Ofgem Open Meeting

Following the publication of the Draft Determinations, Ofgem hosted a series of Open Meetings to discuss company responses to the Draft Determinations consultation, strategically discuss key areas of contention and raise areas for clarification ahead of Ofgem’s Final Determination.

Our Open Meeting with Ofgem was held on 27 October 2020 and you can access the recordings and transcripts for this via Ofgem's RIIO-2 Open Meetings webpage.

During the course of the meeting, presentations were given by both ourselves and our independent RIIO-T2 User Group, and slides from both can be accessed below.

Below we have also published a summarised transcript of the Q&A session from our Open Meeting, along with answers to the questions which were submitted by stakeholders at the event but due to time constraints, we were not given the opportunity to answer on the day.

List of supporting documents to our Business Plan

Our full RIIO-T2 Business Plan comprises over 300 documents and data tables. While we are committed to openness and transparency with our stakeholders in our plans and performance, there are some parts of this Business Plan that are confidential. 
In the following document we set out the full list of published document, along with an overview of the confidential material that we have submitted to Ofgem and the reason that we have not published it. 
As well as the Supporting Evidence section below, which contains links to the main supportive evidence from our main Business Plan as well as other key documents, we have also published our Engineering Justification Papers which can be found here. 

Supporting Evidence

RIIO-T2 User Group

Our independent User Group, established in August 2018, provides input and expert challenge to our business plan proposals to ensure stakeholders are at the heart of the way we run our business.
User group in boardroom during a presentation

Our stakeholder engagement journey

Our RIIO-T2 Business Plan follows over two years of extensive stakeholder engagement.  Click here to find out more about how our stakeholders have shaped our Business Plan.
Stakeholders at a conference observing a panel

Previous Business Plan drafts supportive evidence

Stakeholder-led strategy

Previous Business Plan drafts supportive evidence

Safe and Secure Network Operation

Sector Leading Efficiency

Leadership in Sustainability

Cost to Customers

About the Energy industry and Our Role

Regulatory Framework