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  • Maintaining a collaborative approach on social media

    At SSEN Transmission, we’re all committed to developing the new electricity transmission infrastructure projects that have been asked of us in a way that considers the views of all stakeholders and mitigates against their concerns as much as possible.

  • Innovating for a nature-friendly energy transition: A Q&A on the installation of bird flight diverters using drone and robot technology

    • Innovation

    At SSEN Transmission we recognise the important role innovation has in achieving net zero as we embrace new technologies to become safer, smarter, greener, and faster on the transition to a low-carbon economy.

  • Celebrating World Biodiversity Day

    • Biodiversity

    Hear more from Senior Consents and Environment Manager Ewan Jelly at Alyth Substation to find out more about what Biodiversity Net Gain means and how they are helping protect the substation’s surrounding landscape and wildlife.

  • Pupils name robot ‘Haggis’ in primary school competition

    • News Categories
    • Innovation

    An autonomous robot which is helping check electrical equipment at a convertor station in the north-east of Scotland has a new name, thanks to local schoolchildren inspired by Scotland’s national dish.

  • Celebrating Digital Inclusion on Global Accessibility Awareness Day

    Our Product Owner, Shaun Hodge, recently caught up with the team at Recite Me, an organisation specialising in assistive technology which we’re proud to utilise on our website which enables our visitors to customise their experience in a way that best suits their individual needs. Shaun shared his expert insights into digital inclusion, why it is so important within the utility industry, and what organisations can do to be more digitally inclusive.

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