Over the coming decade Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks (SSEN) will be proposing several projects across the North East and East Coast of Scotland, this is mainly to accommodate a significant increase in renewable energy sources connecting onto the GB transmission network in this region.

 Projects are being proposed to allow the transmission network to cope with this increased demand and to operate in an efficient, effective and economical manner. By strengthening the transmission network in the region, not only will we be able to allow generators of energy to connect, but we can also transfer energy to centres of demand further south.

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Our Transmission Business

Electricity transmission is the transportation of electricity from generating plants to where it is required at centres of demand.

The electricity transmission network, or grid, transports electricity at very high voltages through overhead wires, underground cables and subsea cables. The transmission network connects large scale generation, primarily renewables, to central and southern Scotland and the rest of Great Britain. It also helps secure supply by providing reliable connection to the wider network of generation plants.

The landscape and environment that contribute to the challenges we face also Picture 83.jpggive the area a rich resource for renewable energy generation. There is a high demand to connect from new wind, hydro and marine generators which rely on Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks (SSEN) to provide a physical link between the new sources of power and electricity users. SSEN is delivering  a major programme of investment to ensure that the network is ready to meet the needs of our customers in the future.

We have a licence for the transmission of electricity in the north of Scotland and we are closely regulated by the energy regulator Ofgem. Our licence stipulates that we must develop and maintain an efficient, co-ordinated and economical system of electricity transmission.

Our Proposals

Due to a vast increase in connections of renewable sources of energy in this region, there is now a requirement to upgrade the transmission network to cope with this. More specifically, the requirement for these projects has been driven by Moray East Offshore Windfarm, Moray West Offshore Windfarm and the North Connect HVDC Interconnector. All these projects are scheduled to be completed by 2024, with the first connection due in 2021. There is also the need to accommodate an increase in generation capacity at Peterhead power station, along with incoming connections from the Caithness- Moray HVDC Link as well as accommodating the current generators already connected to the transmission network.

Once completed, these reinforcements will allow for the safe, economic and efficient transfer of power to areas of demand further south, as well as strengthening the local transmission network.

We are proposing a range of projects across the North East and East Coast of Scotland to ensure our network remains fit for purpose. The transmission network currently operates at a maximum voltage of 275kV in these regions, we propose increasing this to 400kV to cope with the increased volumes of electricity being transmitted. Part of this transition from 275kV to 400kV means both the upgrade of existing infrastructure (steel lattice towers, overhead lines, substations) and the installation of new infrastructure.

Please download the following information brochure for more detailed information on our proposals

Further Information

For further information on some of the key drivers behind our proposals, please visit the following links

North Connect HVDC Interconnector

Moray Offshore West/East Windfarms

Seagreen Wind Energy Limited

Each individual project that makes up the overall suite of North East and East Coast works will also have its own bespoke project website. This is the best location to receive regular, more specific updates regarding the latest news and timelines relating to an individual project.

Please see below for links to the following project websites:

Information booklets

  • North East Information Booklet (August 2022)
    24 July 2022
    7 MB

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  • North East 400kV & Eastern Reinforcements (Nov 2019)
    18 May 2020
    4.5 MB

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Our Community Liaison team

Throughout the development and construction phases of all of the North East & East Coast Works, a project Community Liaison Manager will be on hand to ensure local stakeholders are well informed of, and given the chance to comment on proposals

  • Our Community Liaison team at Peterhead

    Our Community Liaison team at Peterhead Project Community Liaison Manager, Gary Donlin, at a consultation event in Peterhea

East Coast Project Contact

Louise Anderson

Community Liaison Manager

North East Project Contact

Dav Lynch

Community Liaison Manager