We all have a part to play

When it comes to net zero, we have to be in it together.  

The UK and Scottish governments have ambitious net zero targets, and we’re playing our part in meeting them.  

The UK and Scottish governments have set out a bold vision of achieving net zero targets by delivering 50GW of offshore wind by 2030, a significant increase from the current capacity of 11.3GW of offshore wind connected in GB. To make it happen, the ESO's HND report confirms that SSEN Transmission and other network operators throughout GB have a significant role to play in connecting more renewable energy and contributing towards achieving these energy targets.

Building the energy system of the future will require a significant acceleration of work over the next few years. We work closely with the National Grid to connect vast renewable energy resources—harnessed by solar, wind, hydro and marine generation—to areas of demand across the country. Scotland is playing a big role in meeting this demand, exporting two-thirds of power generated in our network.

For external verification on why the grid upgrade will enable us to transport cleaner energy across GB, visit the National Energy System Operator's Pathway to 2030 Report.

But there's more to be done

By 2050, the north of Scotland is expected to need 40GW of renewable energy capacity to help deliver net zero. Today, our region has just 8GW of renewable generation connected to the network. 

At SSEN Transmission, it is our role to build the energy system of the future.   

We’re investing £20 billion into our region’s energy infrastructure, powering more than ten million UK homes and 20,000 jobs, 9,000 of which will be here in Scotland. 

Help shape our plans

We want to hear from you! Your feedback is important as we work to develop our plans. By collaborating and sharing your input, we can tap into local knowledge, identify key risks, and explore potential community benefit opportunities. Your input is incredibly valuable, and we look forward to hearing your thoughts.

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  • Beyond 2030 Report

    National Grid ESO has released its ‘Beyond 2030’ report that builds on the ESO’s ‘Pathway to 2030’ Holistic Network Design from 2022 which established the blueprint for the electricity transmission network infrastructure required to enable the UK Government’s 2030 50GW offshore wind target.
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