Innovating to deliver a Network for Net Zero

Innovation at SSEN Transmission

Today’s energy landscape is fast-changing and is constantly evolving to support the transition to net zero by 2050. Innovation has a critical role to play in delivering our future network whilst continuing to deliver network reliability and value for our customers. 

At SSEN Transmission, we actively seek to improve our understanding of the challenges facing the GB transmission network and find new ways to overcome these challenges. We are collaborating with our customers, stakeholders, industry innovators, and other transmission owners (TOs) to share ideas, research new concepts for our network, and maximise the value and benefits of pioneering technologies.

Explore our innovation projects below.

Our Strategic Innovation Fund (SIF) Projects

These projects are funded by network users and consumers under the Strategic Innovation Fund (SIF), an Ofgem programme managed in partnership with UK Research and Innovation (UKRI). SIF is designed to drive the innovation needed to transform gas and electricity networks for a low-carbon future. The fund consists of 3 phases:
  • Discovery: The completion of feasibility studies to de-risk technical uncertainties associated with projects
  • Alpha: Using the findings of the feasibility studies to develop proof-of-concept projects
  • Beta: Developing full-scale demonstrator projects further up the technology readiness level (TRL) towards implementation.

Learn more about our SIF projects by clicking on the project titles below.

Our Network Innovation Allowance (NIA) Projects

Ofgem’s Network Innovation Allowance (NIA) is a set amount that each RIIO network licensee receives as part of their price control allowance. The NIA provides limited funding to RIIO network licensees to fund smaller technical, commercial, or operational projects directly related to the licensees’ network that have the potential to deliver financial benefits to the licensee and its customers.

Learn more about our NIA projects by clicking on the project titles below.


Closed RIIO-T1 Network Innovation Allowance Projects

RIIO-T1 was the price control period from 2013 to 2021. To learn about our closed RIIO-T1 Network Innovation Allowance (NIA) Transmission projects, please visit our dedicated web page.



Innovation Strategies, Policies and Reports

Our various innovation strategies, policies and reports can be accessed below.

Energy Networks Innovation Process (ENIP)

The Energy Networks Innovation Process (ENIP) provides a guide for stakeholders about network innovation, and the document also includes an explanation of how innovation projects are delivered.