Request a Pre-Application Call

Once you have a clear idea of the type of project you would like to develop and connect to our electricity transmission network, you are welcome to have a 'Pre-Application' call with us before you submit your Application. This call is held jointly between National Grid Electricity System Operator (NGESO), SSEN Transmission and you as our connections customer. During this call, we will ask you about the technology you are seeking to connect, when you would like to be connected and your preferred location.

Please complete the simple form below and we'll be back in touch with you within 5 working days to arrange a call. Although we try to offer an appointment date within 2-3 weeks of being contacted, depending on which area of our network you are looking to connect, it can sometimes take a little longer for the call to be arranged.

When completing our form below, please only submit relevant information. Please do not include information such as bank details or any sensitive personal information.

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For information on how we collect and process your data, please see our privacy notice. If you do not have access to our website, or would like to receive a hard copy, please contact us.

Request a Pre-Application Call

In the fields below, please provide your requested capacity in Megawatts. You can also use decimal points. If you're working within an approximate range, please provide the higher value. 

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