Delivering Net Zero - Pathway to 2030 and our next Business Plan


Scotland’s transmission network has a strategic role to play in supporting delivery of the UK and Scotland’s Net Zero targets and, as the Transmission Operator for the north of Scotland, we are working to deliver a Network for Net Zero.

We’re already a mass transporter of renewable energy, with around two thirds of power generated in our network area exported to demand centres further south. By 2050, the north of Scotland is expected to need 40GW of low carbon energy capacity to support net zero delivery. For context, we currently have around 9GW of renewable generation connected in the north of Scotland.

Participants at the February 2023 stakeholder event

We are currently investing £10bn to upgrade the network around key areas, connecting new onshore and offshore renewables generation in the north of Scotland so the power can be transported across the country. Many of the projects required to 2030 are already known and in development. This first phase of investment is critical to powering change and meeting Scotland and the UK’s renewable energy targets, accelerating our delivery to meet the 2030 offshore wind connection dates, known as the Pathway to 2030. Further details of our Pathway to 2030 Projects and some frequently asked questions can be viewed on our dedicated webpage, where you can also sign up to be kept updated on Pathway to 2030 projects.

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Our Future Business Plan

We are now planning the work required in the second half of the decade. These future investments will play a vital role in helping ensure our future energy security by using affordable, home-grown, low carbon electricity, while providing significant economic and employment opportunities across the north of Scotland.

This will form part of our future Delivery Plan (2026-2031) and will require approval by the GB energy regulator, Ofgem, who determines how much revenue we are allowed to earn for constructing, maintaining and renovating our transmission network in the north of Scotland. These costs are shared between all those using the transmission system, including generation developers and electricity consumers.

You can find out more about the regulatory price control process on Ofgem's website. Ofgem is currently considering the most appropriate regulatory framework for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead and, in September 2022, published an Open Letter which outlined their initial views.

Stakeholder participation at roundtable discussions

A Stakeholder-led Business Plan

The first stage of developing our delivery plan is to provide stakeholders with an introduction to our early thinking on the strategic themes which will be important for the next price control period and our future Delivery Plan.

Our first stakeholder event, ‘Delivering Net Zero - The Pathway to 2030’, took place in Glasgow on 22 February 2023.

Through a series of presentations and roundtable discussions we explored the themes of delivering Net Zero; Network Security; and Economic, Social and Environmental Legacy.

With stakeholder representation from a wide range of sectors, it provided us with the opportunity to hear stakeholders’ views and opinions which will be invaluable in developing our thinking in these areas. The presentations, slides and feedback from the event are available to download below.

For further opportunities to help us develop and shape our 2026-2031 Delivery Plan, please sign up for updates here.


Stakeholder Engagement Event - February 2023

We have provided copies of the presentation, transcript and feedback relating to our stakeholder event below.

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