As the licence holder for the transmission network in the north of Scotland, each year we set out our charges, our allowed revenue, for investing in and maintaining transmission infrastructure. National Grid Electricity Transmission plc (NGESO) as the system operator for electricity transmission inGreat Britain considers for approval based on our justification.

Charges are categorised as either a General System Charge, Site Specific Charges, or Other Charges.

The General System Charge reflects the cost of installing, operating, replacing, developing and maintaining our network infrastructure.

Site Specific Charges reflect the cost of purchase and installation of the connection assets and other responsibilities such as site safety, security and environmental protection and statutory and local liaison, as well as providing standby and out-of-hours service throughout the year.

We may also at the request of NGESO carry out other work, which is not covered by General System Charge or Site Specific Charges, including outage rescheduling, costs associated with processing applications for connection to the system, or obtaining consents.

Charging Statements