Bitesized NoSFES 2022: NoSFES vs FES - A blog by Sarah Clark, Insights Analyst Engineer at SSEN Transmission

In May this year we published our 2022 North of Scotland Future Energy Scenarios (NoSFES), outlining our latest annual analysis on a range of potential electricity generation and demand scenarios in our network area. Looking at a range of scenarios between now and 2050, our analysis explores two pathways which would enable the transition to Net Zero emissions in the north of Scotland – and one that doesn’t if we stick to the status quo. You can read more here on our dedicated NoSFES online hub.

We’re going to take a deeper dive into the topic areas covered in this year’s NoSFES and over the coming months we’ll be following up with a range of blogs, animations and infographics which take a more detailed look at some of the different technologies discussed in our analysis. Exploring the role that each could play in supporting a resilient, robust and low carbon future in the north of Scotland.  

This time in our bitesized NoSFES series, we’re taking a look at how SSEN Transmission North of Scotland Future Energy Scenarios and National Grid Future Energy Scenarios support each other exploring the differences and similarities and how they play a role in the transition to net zero.  


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