Eastern Green Link 2

Transmission reinforcement

A new high voltage subsea cable, transporting clean energy from the north of Scotland to England to power around two million homes.

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Eastern Green Link 2

EGL2 is a 2GW high voltage direct current (HVDC) electrical ‘superhighway’ cable link to be built between Peterhead in Aberdeenshire, Scotland and Drax in North Yorkshire, England.

The project is being jointly developed by Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks Transmission (SSENT)  and National Grid Electricity Transmission (NGET).

Currently in the development phase, construction work is planned to commence in 2024 with the new connection due to be operational in 2029.

EGL2 will unlock the rich renewable energy capacity of Scotland and significantly increase the UK’s capacity to deliver clean energy for around two million homes in the UK.

The Eastern Green link 2 project now has new dedicated project website that can be accessed by clicking on the below link:

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Community Engagement

Throughout the life of our projects, we aim to work positively with local communities and keep people informed about what we are doing. This is particularly important when we are developing a proposal and we want to understand what local people think about our plans.We endeavour to take the time to discuss proposals with local community councils, encourage engagement from the wider community and listen to the feedback we receive. We will do our best to answer any questions and address issues or concerns that are raised with us.

When our project progresses into construction, we will continue working closely with the local community to ensure that our work has as little impact on the lives of those living and working in the area and as many long term positive effects as possible.

How we’re embracing artificial intelligence (AI)
We intend to use AI to assist our experienced teams in the analysis of your feedback, so we can categorise key points raised more quickly. You can learn more about how we’re utilising AI on this dedicated web page.

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Latest Links

  • SSEN Transmission employees and members of the public examining project posters and materials.

    Report on Consultation

    Our Reports on Consultation across our three new overhead line projects and associated substation and convertor station developments have now been published. These reports provide a summary of the extensive feedback received during consultation, how this has been considered and confirmation of which routes and substations are now being taken forward to the next stage of development. 

    Our Reports on Consultation are now available to download from the Project Documentation tab. 

    Summary Reports on Consultation are also available for each of the three schemes and can be downloaded below:  

    A stakeholder webinar available for all to join will be held in the coming weeks to share the changes informed by the feedback. More information about the forthcoming webinar will be shared on our events page shortly.   

    In further recognition of community feedback, we will seek to rationalise cumulative infrastructure impacts through the removal and undergrounding of existing transmission lines, where technically practical and appropriate, and subject to all necessary planning consents and landowner agreements. 

    Work to identify and assess potential sections of existing overhead line where their removal will reduce cumulative impacts is ongoing, with an update expected as part of the next round of public consultation on overhead line alignments and more detailed substation designs in early 2024.  

    We would once again like to thank all stakeholders who took the time to engage with our early consultation process. We will continue to engage with stakeholders ahead of consulting further with local communities and stakeholders in the new year, as we look to refine our proposals.

  • SSEN Transmission employees and members of the public examining project posters.

    Report on Consultation

    Over the course of this year, we have undertaken extensive consultation on plans to upgrade the electricity transmission network across the north of Scotland and have received a considerable amount of feedback from a wide range of stakeholders regarding our proposals. 


    We recently advised in our next steps for 2030 network developments update that following assessment of consultation feedback and additional options analysis, we would publish our Report on Consultations (RoCs). These reports provide a summary of the feedback received and how it has been considered, which options we will take forward to the next stage of the development process and any changes to options initially consulted on.  


    It is our intention to publish the RoCs during the week commencing 27 November. All stakeholders signed up for updates on the project will receive a link to the report and we will also issue Summary Reports to help ensure accessibility. 


    These Report on Consultations mark the completion of the first round of non-statutory consultation, where we sought feedback on the corridor, route, and substation locations. We will be consulting further with local communities and stakeholders in the new year, as we look to refine the projects, therefore we welcome an open channel of communication and would like to reassure all stakeholders that there will be further opportunities to engage on this project.

    Our Reports on Consultation and Summary Reports on Consultation are now available to download from the Project Documentation tab.

  • SSEN Transmission sets out next steps for Pathway to 2030 network developments

    We have announced our next steps for our Pathway to 2030 programme of projects. We would like to thank everyone who has engaged with our teams and kindly taken the time to respond to our consultations.
    Full details of the announcement can be found here:
    Next steps for Pathway to 2030