This application presents the needs case to develop and install a Dynamic Line Rating (DLR) system on the existing Broadford to Edinbane section of the 132kV Overhead Line (OHL) circuit from between Fort Augustus and Ardmore on Skye.

The circuit between Fort Augustus and Ardmore currently operates on a constrained basis, with generators constrained off the system when circuit capability is expected to be exceeded.

The long term solution to addressing current and future constraints is the reinforcement of the Skye 132kV circuit, which is proposed to be completed by December 2025.  Ahead of this reinforcement, recognising that the existing Fort Augustus-Skye circuit is already oversubscribed, there is a unique opportunity to install and monitor DLR technology for the first time on SSEN Transmission’s network which will help alleviate existing network constraints. 

While DLR would be a temporary solution until completion of the replacement of the existing Fort Augustus-Skye circuit, it would provide an opportunity to trial the first deployment of DLR on the network and provide key learnings for future DLR projects.

The DLR system will consist of meteorological stations placed at critical locations on the circuits.  These will relay real time environmental conditions to a control system which will calculate the real time temperature of the conductor and in turn the Overhead Line (OHL) rating, maximising the capacity of the existing OHL to securely transport more renewable electricity. 

The works are planned to be completed by 2023 allowing a one year trial period prior to - and to help inform - the deployment of DLR on the existing 275kV Overhead Line (OHL) circuits from Beauly-Loch Buidhe and Loch Buidhe-Dounreay.

Any confidential or commercially sensitive information has been redacted from the document.