SSEN Transmission implements new digital journey to help you work safely near our network.

SSEN Transmission has launched an innovative digital user experience, streamlining the management of support requests from third-parties operating in proximity to our network infrastructure.

At SSEN Transmission we are committed to the improvement of our stakeholder engagement and this new approach will strengthen efficiency, accessibility, and user experience, with a fundamental emphasis on safety as our core value.

The new digital journey introduces several enhancements to improve stakeholder information. Stakeholders, such as land developers, contractors, and those in agriculture, now have immediate access to a comprehensive range of resources and guidance documents, ensuring critical information is always available. Our new online form also reduces the need for multiple email exchanges by consolidating necessary information into a singula

Information submitted by stakeholders is now automatically directed to our Asset Management team, ensuring swift and accurate processing of requests. You will now receive an automated response detailing essential safety advice and anticipated timelines, reaffirming our dedication to immediate and proactive stakeholder safety.

This new website journey reflects our commitment to creating an accessible and efficient support system, enhancing the overall experience for our external stakeholders, not only improving our operational efficiency but also highlighting the importance of digital solutions in achieving our safety objectives. The new approach represents a strategic enhancement of our service delivery, underscoring our ongoing efforts to prioritise safety and enhance stakeholder collaboration.

If you are working near our network and need support, visit our new web page or get in touch using our new online form. Please contact us at the earliest opportunity if you are planning to carry out any work near our assets.