The Gateway to Net Zero: SSEN Transmission Publishes New Innovation Strategy

Innovation-gateway to net zero.png


SSEN Transmission has this week published its new Innovation Strategy which sets out the foundations for driving and implementing transformative innovation and recognising innovation as a tool to deliver a reliable and resilient network for net zero.

The new strategy has been developed benefitting from horizon scanning and engagement at every level to ensure that it not only complements other strategies across SSEN Transmission but also aligns with the needs of stakeholders and customers.

At the core of the strategy lies four focus pillars for innovation: safer, smarter, greener and faster. The urgency and magnitude required to decarbonise our electricity grids are crucial, and these pillars serve as guiding principles for SSEN Transmission’s current and future innovation portfolio.

This strategy spans three time horizons: now, near, and next. The now being today and up to two years ahead, such as lower-risk operational and maintenance innovation projects as part of business-as-usual activities; near spanning two-five years which routinely would be innovation within the regulatory price control; and next being five-ten years and beyond for large-scale and transformational innovation that could have long-term benefits.


Alan Ritchie, Innovation Manager at SSEN Transmission said: “We’re thrilled to launch our new Innovation Strategy today, which sets out the strategic objectives of our innovation activities and how we will be delivering this at SSEN Transmission.

“As the network embarks on a journey of transformation and growth for net zero, it is essential we are continuing to push the boundaries by exploring and developing innovations to transport more power through the existing infrastructure, build the new transmission assets needed with less impact on the environment and the communities that house it.

“Thanks to our stakeholders who have contributed to shaping this strategy, ensuring we are tactically aligned to address the challenges that matter the most to our network. I invite you to explore the new Innovation Strategy and join us on our journey.”

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