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At SSEN Transmission, we are always here to help and pride ourselves on providing you with the best possible service however unfortunately, things can go wrong sometimes. Telling us about it allows us the chance to put things right and make improvements to prevent it from happening again.

Ensuring your complaint reaches the right people
-  SSEN Transmission does not look after domestic supply issues or local distribution networks.
- We are unable to assist with domestic power issues such as the supply to your home, metering, electric car-charging, and voltage complaints (eg. dim lighting) etc.
- Please call 105 to contact your local Distribution Network Operator for help. Alternatively, you can visit the ENA's website to confirm who your local network operator is.
- SSEN Transmission is not an energy supplier and we cannot help with bills, payments, tariffs or meters. SSE Plc sold its domestic supply business in January 2020 to OVO Energy.

Important information
When completing our complaint form below, please only submit relevant information that will help us investigate and resolve your complaint. Please do not include information such as bank details or any sensitive personal information.

Privacy Notice
For information on how we collect and process your data, please see our privacy notice. If you do not have access to our website, or would like to receive a hard copy, please contact us.