We have started working on our next business plan which is to commence from 31 March 2021; we believe that this work will interest you as the majority of our investment and spend will be recovered through UK electricity bills or networks charges for developers. We are keen that you understand our early proposals and contribute towards the plan ahead of our submission to the electricity industry regulator, Ofgem, in autumn 2019. We are committed to providing information that will inform you in the business planning process and highlight where you can help shape our proposals for the future.

Planning our network to meet the ambitions of the Paris Climate Change agreement

Aileen McLeod, Head of Networks Development, provides her view on the potential future energy scenarios which may affect the requirements of our customers, communities and stakeholders.

North of Scotland Future Energy Scenarios: Building a Network that works for our stakeholders

As part of our preparation for the next price control, RIIO-T2, we have been undertaking in depth analysis of what our future network may look like from 2021 onwards. Please click the image to watch Imran Mohammed's video update

Delivering a regulatory framework that works for all

Colin Nicol, Managing Director of Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks, provides his thoughts in response to Ofgems RIIO framework announcment.

Your Plan, Our Future: RIIO-T2 Newsletter

Scottish Hydro Electric Transmission plc (SHE Transmission) has this week published its first RIIO-T2 stakeholder newsletter, covering our progress as we work to develop a business plan for the next price control period, from 2021 onwards.

Preparing for a smart, sustainable future - RIIO-T2

We are preparing a business plan that will ensure our business will deliver a smart, sustainable network for the future. Please watch the video update to learn the latest news about our preparations for RIIO-T2.

Blog: Powering a regulatory framework that delivers for everyone

Every successful, efficient and responsible business creates and works to a business plan to meet its objectives, and deliver for customers - and SSEN is no different.

A reliable network

We are proud to have developed and operated the electricity network in the north of Scotland throughout our 70 year history. We work 24 hours a day to ensure our network is secure, reliable and available.

Talk to us

We need your input to help us develop our future business plan. Your feedback will be essential to help us test our assumptions and decisions ahead of submitting the plan to Ofgem.

RIIO – 1

The UK Transmission companies are all presently operating in the RIIO-1 price control period.


RIIO-T2 newsletter
File Type: pdf
Published: 04 Jul 2018

North of Scotland Future Energy Scenarios Summary Report

North of Scotland Future Energy Scenarios Full Report
Final Report - Full Version
File Type: pdf
Published: 23 Aug 2018
North of Scotland Future Energy Scenarios Summary Report
Final Report - Summary
File Type: pdf
Published: 23 Aug 2018